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DO NOT add yourself to more than one squad...if you need to change squads use the 'Need to change squad' section at the bottom of this page

Squad 1. Max 18 competitors

# Name Div Grade PF Cat
1. David McConachie OPEN GM Maj
2. Emily Giarola OPEN A Maj L
3. Karla Blowers PROD B L
4. Paul Derry OPEN A Maj S
5. Jason Northey CLA M
6. Jason Anderson PDOL A S
7. Gavin Casten PROD B
8. John Martin OPEN B S
9. David Broadstock OPEN C Maj S
10. Brooke Broadstock OPEN C Maj L
11. Brett McNeilly PDO A S
12. Nick McMorrow PDO C S
13. Peter Goldstone PDO B S-S
14. Alain Blowers STD B S-S
15. Sarah Williams STD D L
16. Barry Smith OPEN C S

   2 slots remaining...
Squad 2. Max 18 competitors

# Name Div Grade PF Cat
1. Cat Fomm PROD C L
2. Ralph van Doorn STD D S-S
3. Owen McKenna STD C S
4. Vicki McKenna PDOL D L
5. Andrew Smith PDOL B S
6. Bonny Thompson OPEN C Maj L
7. Greg Moon OPEN A Maj S-S
8. Lex Carroll PDO C S-S
9. Gary Mapes OPEN D S-S
10. Graeme Clark OPEN C Maj S-S
11. Stephen Malmborg CLA B S-S
12. Jeff Findlay REV B S
13. David Metcalfe PDOL D S-S
14. Robin Wade OPEN B Maj S-S

   4 slots remaining...
Squad 3. Max 18 competitors

# Name Div Grade PF Cat
1. Derek Eklund REV B S
2. Michelle Thomas REV D L
3. Nathan Parry STD D
4. Jon Cooper STD A Maj
5. Katie Kingwill STD D L
6. Dave Spedding PDO B S
7. Michelle Spedding PDO C L
8. Scott Thomas OPEN C Maj
9. Heather Connon STD D L
10. Jack Moller PROD M
11. Shay Deegan PDOL C
12. Sammie Carter PDO B L
13. Bryce Butcher OPEN C Maj S-S
14. Jeniene Butcher OPEN D Maj L
15. Robert George CLA B S
16. Jarrod George PROD D Jnr

   2 slots remaining...
Need to change squad?

This will only be possible if there are available slots in the desired squad.
...and you squadded with your correct IPSC Number!

Squadding Issues

If you have any issues with your squadding request, please email jason@gcaa.com.au